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Should Everyone Have the Right to Masturbate?

It seems overtly simplistic. Had the founding fathers perhaps been a bit more progressive, they might have amended the Declaration of Independence to read “Life, Liberty, Happiness, and the pursuit of healthy masturbatory habits.” The right to some self-love seems … Continue reading

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Antiquated Vibrators, Victorian Angst, and Sexual Frustration

What more could one ask for in a play? Bruka Theatre, a local Reno theater company known for showcasing ground-breaking and edgy pieces, is ushering in Valentine’s Day with their latest production: In the Next Room, otherwise known as, the … Continue reading

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How to Successfully Navigate A Passion Party

With the Holidays fast approaching and Valentine’s Day in the not-so-distant-future, friends might be inviting you to attend one of their upcoming Passion Parties, to purchase a new toy or a warming massage gel to spice up your sexual forays. … Continue reading

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POLL: What do you think about while rolling one out?

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