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A podcast version of the show is available for free, streaming or download, here: Homeslice Productions.

***The views and opinions expressed during Hump Train – whether via the blog or radio show – are those of the host and do not represent the views and opinions of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, or any of its affiliates. ***

Previous Episodes:

  • Episode 6: The Big Gay Episode – This week’s episode of Hump Train, aptly titled “The Big Gay Episode”, features University of Minnesota School of Public Health grad student, Emily Shor. In the Daily Hump segment, the trio discusses: Boystown’s exclusion of women, why couples fight in relationships, and changes to the California admission process. On the Low Down, they get into the CDC’s latest report about health disparities in the LGBTQ community. The show ends with The Quickie, featuring a brief discussion on Preferred Gender Pronouns. Download or stream the episode by clicking HERE.
  • Episode 5: The Oscars, The Politics, and the Transvaginal Probe – Utah makes sex optional, Michael Moore goes on a fat (yes, we left out the ‘s’ on purpose), and Virginia boldly probes where no state has probed before. Also: Gary Oldman was robbed at the Oscars, and Chris opens Pandora’s box (or was it that Pandora opened Chris’ box?) FIND OUT ON THIS EPISODE OF HUMP TRAIN!
  • Episode 4“Whitney Houston, National Condom Week, and What the Hell is Congress Thinking??” –  In this episode of Hump Train, hosts Jessica Levity (who is extra giggly in this episode) and Chris Daniels (who iThis is a picture of Senator Roy Blunt. No further comment.s extra rant-y), mourn the loss of the iconic, the one, Miss Whitney Houston, and Chris of course shares his top 5 Whitney songs of all time. Also, our hosts answer a listener email about gay online dating. And: HappyNational Condom Week! Chris and Jes talk about sex-positive events going on around the country on college campuses and how these events have a positive and educational influence. In the Low Down, our hosts discuss the recent and prominent controversy in congress over birth control and women’s health (see Jon Stewart’s “Vagina Ideologues“, and the Blunt Amendment), citing that women take birth control for a variety of reasons, and no matter what the reason, women’s birth control should be covered by health insurance. Lastly, our #1 Condom “TIP”.
  • Episode 3: “Miss Representation, Sex Ed, and The Golden Girls” –  In this episode of Hump Train, we introduce our first guest host, Dr. Tory Clark (, clinical sexologist, professor, full-time firefighter, and full-time sexy. We talk about the new documentary she just showed to her Advanced Human Sexuality class at University of Nevada-Reno, “Miss Representation“; we talk about who is being misrepresented in the media, whose fault it is, and what the current state of Sexual Health Education in America is doing, or not doing, to combat it. ALSO: Chris gives his top 5 ground-breaking television shows of his youth, and a caller attempts to stump Chris on his knowledge of Roseanne. In the “Low Down”, we talk about California’s recent policy of mandatory condom-wearing in porn, and the irony of living in a country where we won’t talk to our kids about sex but we’ll force porn stars to wear protection.Lastly: How to talk to your kids about sex. ALL ABOARD!
  • Episode 2“Questions, Plan B, and Advice on Holiday Gift-Giving” – In this episode of Hump Train, hosts Jessica Levity and Christopher Daniels answer live questions including: “How do I choose my first sex toy?”, “Do I masturbate too much?”, and “What are some tips to last longer during sex?”. The Jester and Chris also discuss monogamy in gay relationships. Chris also fields questions attempting to stump him on his knowledge of this week’s pop culture topic: High School Musical. The Low Down segment features a discussion of Plan B and the Obama Administration’s recent statement that persons under 17 years old will not be allowed to obtain Plan B without a prescription. The show ends with “The Quickie”, where special guest commentator and holiday connoisseur, Miss Patty Tart, outlines the Do’s and Don’ts of holiday gift-giving.
  • Pilot Episode: “Questions, Condoms and Personhood” (11/24/11) – In this episode we introduce our hosts: sexual health advocate and radio personality, Jessica The-Jester Levity (University of Wisconsin, 2008; BA: Philosophy, Sociology, Gender/Sexuality Studies), and Christopher Daniels, sexual health educator for Planned Parenthood and drag queen extraordinaire (University of Wisconsin, 2008; BA: Psychology, Women’s Studies, Gender/Sexuality Studies). Our hosts also dive into live callers with questions about: “How do I communicate what I like to my partner?” “Does my penis curve from too much masturbation?” And, “As a woman who’s never achieved an orgasm, what can I do?” They also answer emails from a gay teenage boy in a closeted and emotionally-closed relationship, as well as a divorcee trying to get back into the dating game. The show also features two talk show segments: The Low Down, which, in this episode, focuses on The Personhood Amendment; and, The Quickie, which, this time, is a lesson about condoms. Live callers were taken during the time of the recording, but questions can be emailed throughout the week at ENJOY!


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