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Should Everyone Have the Right to Masturbate?

It seems overtly simplistic. Had the founding fathers perhaps been a bit more progressive, they might have amended the Declaration of Independence to read “Life, Liberty, Happiness, and the pursuit of healthy masturbatory habits.” The right to some self-love seems … Continue reading

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If We Have Learned Anything From Golden Girls, It’s That Older People Have Sex

The American Journal of Medicine recently published an article providing an overview of women’s sexual satisfaction as they get older. The general consensus from the findings is that many women are sexually active, even in their 80s, and many of these … Continue reading

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Boldly Going Where No Brothel Has Gone Before …

Nevada businessman and HBO reality star, Dennis Hof, is embarking on a new entrepreneurial endeavor; converting the run-down and decrepit Cherry Patch brothel into a new science fiction brothel featuring women that are, excuse the pun, out of this world. The Alien Cathouse … Continue reading

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In Defense of Butt Sex: A Letter to a Professor

Dear Professor Schwyzer, I was slightly frustrated when I came upon your latest article on the progressive blog Jezebel. At first I was intrigued; with the title “The Popularity and Perfectionism Behind Butt Sex” I assumed it would be an … Continue reading

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Sorry Sir, But No Glove No Love

Emailed to 23-year-old male: I hate using condoms. I know that I should use them but they’re uncomfortable and sex is less enjoyable with them on. Is there a brand I can get or something I can do to make … Continue reading

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