More Great Shiz

  • Homeslice Productions logo entertainment videography reno comedy improvHomeslice Productions – Creativity Consultants, Videography, Websites, Social Media, Entertainment. At Homeslice, we believe life and business are about finding your art and letting it out. Whatever it is: cooking, cleaning, dancing, or teaching, just be yourself and let it come through you. There’s something amazing, a creation, living deep inside of you. Bring it forth –  express it – then let it go. Facebook Twitter @homesliceproduc
  • Miss Ginger Devine drag queenMiss Ginger Devine – Voted Reno’s BEST Drag Queen [RN&R 2011]. Raised in Detroit, MI, Miss Ginger Devine is just a small town girl living in a lonely world of grandiose dreams of fame, fortune, success, and an academy award-winning performance with Meryl Streep. Ms. Devine has been performing drag since 2005. She has had the honor of performing in a variety of cities like Madison, Chicago,  Amsterdam, and most recently, Reno. Facebook Twitter @msgingerdevine
  • Jessica The-Jester Levity -Also known as: The Jester, J Rae Homeslice, and Have-at-er Levatter, but you can just call her Jes. Jessica has many titles, such as: Producer, Director, Emcee, Radio Personality, Comedienne, Voice-Actor, Philosopher, and modern day mystic. She and Chris have been performing and studying together since 2005 at the University of Wisconsin, where they met in a human sexuality course. You can currently find Jessica as the producer, host and emcee of The Utility Players, as well as The Jester on Alice 96.5.
  • The Utility Players – voted Reno’s BEST Comedy Troupe, named Reno’s BThe Utility Players improv comedy renoest Bet for Comedy,and recently voted “Reno’sGayest…”. With a moniker that refers to a baseball player able to perform multiple positions well, the Utility Players put on a hard-hitting, audience-driven short form improv comedy show, no matter what.These Players areknown for pushing their own limits, weaving in and out of games, musical scenes, standup, and game shows. Emcee and creator, Jessica Levity, is vigilant about keeping the energy high and her audience engaged. Audience members are guaranteed to walk away feeling lighter. Facebook Twitter @utilityplayers

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