Our Hosts

Our hosts:

Jessica and Chris have a unique and brilliant chemistry that comes from years of
live entertainment adventures together, including comedy and performance in
Madison, Chicago, Amsterdam, and Reno

  • Jessica The-Jester Levity, sexual health advocate and radio personality. University of Wisconsin, 2008; BA: Philosophy, Sociology, Gender/Sexuality Studies
  • Christopher Daniels, sexual health educator for Planned Parenthood and drag queen extraordinaire. University of Wisconsin, 2008; BA: Psychology, Women’s Studies, Gender/Sexuality Studies

More about Christopher Daniels: Chris’ work in the social justice and advocacy arena began during his high school career when he interned for the Triangle Foundation – Michigan’s leading Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) organization. It was there that he started to learn about grassroots organizing, HIV/AIDS prevention and complexities of sexual identity and sexual politics. From there, Chris attended the University of Wisconsin – Madison where he majored in Psychology with minors in Women’s Studies and LGBT Studies. He supplemented his academic knowledge with extracurricular activities that allowed him to take the lessons learned in the classroom and apply them in a practical manner. He worked for years at the LGBT Campus Center on Madison’s campus and was integral in the student-led movement to oppose a constitutional amendment defining marriage in the state of Wisconsin. He also worked as a facilitator for a student organization on campus called Sex Out Loud. It was here that Chris received the majority of his training. Chris completed over 90+ hours of training during his three years at Sex Out Loud; everything from sexually transmitted infections to various sex toys used to enhance pleasure for individuals. There were four primary programs that Sex Out Loud offered – Safer Sex, Pleasure, Pleasure II and Healthy Relationships – that covered a wide range of topics. For his last semester of college, Chris attended the University of Amsterdam where he participated in a special academic program. The program was entitled “Cross-Cultural Examinations of Gender and Sexuality in the Netherlands, Croatia and Turkey”. It was here that Chris expanded his perception of sexuality beyond his Americentric scope. Currently, as a Planned Parenthood educator, Chris is continuing his work of sex-positive education.

More about Jessica Levity:  radio personality, sex-positive activist, and entertainer; Humptrain is a modern day Loveline, meant to provide medically accurate information in an fun, safe and sex-positive manner. As a knowledgeable sexual health activist and educator, powerful public speaker, and witty comedian, Jessica’s talent lies in her ability to effortlessly guide the show between its educational and entertaining aspects. One of the problems we found with the original Loveline show was that certain hosts and guest hosts were prone to belittling, marginalizing, or teasing callers about the questions that the callers had. Sex is awkward, and talking about sex can be even more awkward, and it’s the job of the hosts to provide a safe and comfortable space for listeners, while also keeping the show entertaining.

On Humptrain, listeners will be able to call in, email us, or even text us their sexual health questions anonymously and know that they are going to receive medically accurate information in a non-judgmental manner. Humptrain will also serve as a forum to address any relevant socio-political topics relating to birth control, abortion, same-sex marriage, bullying, comprehensive sex education and more. We can go above and beyond the watered-down discourses found on other shows. The show will also utilize a number of social networking media to promote the show including: our blogTwitter, Facebook, Flickr, Linkedin, Youtube and more. Through these sites, we will be able to reach a diverse audience, young and old, straight, gay and gayer, and everything in between. This is how we change the world.


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