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To Vote or Not to Vote – There Really is No Question There

Dear Friends, Family, and Strangers, Every election is important. There always seems to be a dire air surrounding the outcome of any election. One candidate will lead us to the Promised Land; a golden age of economic, social, and political … Continue reading

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I Stopped Eating Chick-Fil-A, Now What???

I am not naïve to the discriminatory practices of corporate businesses or new to the tactless and thoughtless behaviors humanity engages in to protect and promote their moral superiority. I began advocating for the equal treatment of minorities back in … Continue reading

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The War Over Birth Control

In a recent statement released from the Obama administration, President Obama created a comprise to the health care reform bill and the employer requirement, that religious organizations should foot the bill for birth control and instead he changed it that … Continue reading

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Boldly Going Where No Brothel Has Gone Before …

Nevada businessman and HBO reality star, Dennis Hof, is embarking on a new entrepreneurial endeavor; converting the run-down and decrepit Cherry Patch brothel into a new science fiction brothel featuring women that are, excuse the pun, out of this world. The Alien Cathouse … Continue reading

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Personhood Initiative Impacts Infertility Treatments

Personhood Initiative Impacts Infertility Treatments. (Article from Personhood Initiative Impacts Infertility Treatments ‘Personhood” groups in Nevada are attempting to put measures on next year’s ballot. The measures would in effect outlaw abortion. Personhood USA’s proposed initiative would not only … Continue reading

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