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The Cycle of Hate

Given the events of the past week, I am reminded of a quote from one of my favorite philosophical gurus to date: “Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads … Continue reading

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To Vote or Not to Vote – There Really is No Question There

Dear Friends, Family, and Strangers, Every election is important. There always seems to be a dire air surrounding the outcome of any election. One candidate will lead us to the Promised Land; a golden age of economic, social, and political … Continue reading

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I Stopped Eating Chick-Fil-A, Now What???

I am not naïve to the discriminatory practices of corporate businesses or new to the tactless and thoughtless behaviors humanity engages in to protect and promote their moral superiority. I began advocating for the equal treatment of minorities back in … Continue reading

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Hump Train – Episode 6: The Big Gay Episode

This week’s episode of Hump Train, aptly titled “The Big Gay Episode”, features University of Minnesota School of Public Health grad student, Emily Shor. In the Daily Hump segment, the trio discusses: Boystown’s exclusion of women, why couples fight in … Continue reading

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Compassionate Care for LGBTQ Individuals: A Doctor’s Guide

I recently participated in a panel at the University of Nevada-Reno where I, along with a few lawyers and a Community Health Sciences Student, discussed the ways in medical professionals can be attentive and compassionate to the needs of Lesbian, … Continue reading

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