Murder Mystery Parties in Tahoe, Reno, Carson!

How about a Murder Mystery Party?!

You’re looking for unique entertainment for your corporate/private shindig, but you’re not quite sure what to do. Well, LOOK NO FURTHER! Because the creators of Hump Train  have just the thing, starring Reno’s #1 comedy troupe, The Utility Players! And we’ll come to you! Tahoe, Reno, Carson, Narnia…

The best thing about Murder Mystery parties is that they’re funny and interactive (just like all of our other entertainment menu options, which can be found HERE).

Now that you’ve made the best entertainment decision possible, we have one more important decision for you to make: Shaken, or Stirred?

No, but seriously. We offer two types of Murder Mystery parties:

  • #murder mystery tahoe reno utility players1: Murder Mystery Party (guerilla-improv-style): We arrive at your party/event, presumably as the entertainment for the evening, but suddenly – A MURDER! Each Player arrives as him/herself, but “secrets”, which later become motives, begin to slip during the “pre-show mingling”. Later, once the event is reveal to be a murder mystery, our motives and accusations become more off the cuff and silly. This show is highly interactive, and can be tailored perfectly for your event! One of the most enjoyable things about this option is that: A) It requires less actors, and is therefore more affordable; and B) We can reallymess with your guests early on in the event because we’re playing ourselves! Your guests will simply believe that you have hired Reno’s #1 Comedy Troupe to entertain them for the evening with hilarious improv games and some standup comedy, little do they know…
  • #2: Murder Mystery Party Tahoe Reno CarsonMurder Mystery Party (original): An audience favorite! This is our all-original, scripted-yet-improvised murder mystery party called “Clash of the Holidays” – featuring all of the Utility Players as different holidays. It’s witty. It’s funny. It’s silly. It’s interactive. Your guests must figure out which holiday committed the crime and why! Click here to read more.


Call Jessica at (513)-604-7690
Or email:


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