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I Stopped Eating Chick-Fil-A, Now What???

I am not naïve to the discriminatory practices of corporate businesses or new to the tactless and thoughtless behaviors humanity engages in to protect and promote their moral superiority. I began advocating for the equal treatment of minorities back in … Continue reading

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Hump Train – Episode 6: The Big Gay Episode

This week’s episode of Hump Train, aptly titled “The Big Gay Episode”, features University of Minnesota School of Public Health grad student, Emily Shor. In the Daily Hump segment, the trio discusses: Boystown’s exclusion of women, why couples fight in … Continue reading

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Episode 5: The Oscars, The Politics, and the Transvaginal Probe

PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR A DIRECT LINK TO WHERE YOU CAN STREAM/DOWNLOAD THIS EPISODE! Thanks for listening! Utah makes sex optional, Michael Moore goes on a fat (yes, we left out the ‘s’ on purpose), and Virginia boldly probes where … Continue reading

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Love is Love: A Message for the New Year

So I hope that 2012 brings about a positive raise in our collective consciousness as a society as opposed to sending us into a government-contrived, postapocalyptic wasteland teeming with zombies. I came across this photo on one of my random internet … Continue reading

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Gay Divorce Court…now THAT’S an idea!

(x-post from http://www.postsecret.com) made me LOL! This is a GREAT idea! Not that I condone sensationalizing divorce, or exploiting peoples’ relationships….but….I would also watch the hell out of  “Gay Bridezillas“, “Engayged“, and “Say Yes to the Bedazzled Cumber Bun“. Maybe … Continue reading

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